Thursday, April 25, 2013


Tomorrow is my dad's birthday.  He was born on April 26, 1910.  He would have been 103 years old tomorrow!  My dad died in 1975.  I was 20 when he died.  He was 65.  I have had 38 years without my dad now, but I still have the greatest of memories of him.  

Dad was sick from the time I was about 12.  He stayed at home all the time.  Mom went to work for a few years to try to help the family income.  

When I came home from school every day, my dad was there.  I spent lots of time sitting and talking to him.  It's funny, we talked about sports most of the time.  My dad played baseball in the semi-pro league when he was younger and he really loved sports.  

His favorite baseball team was the Chicago Cubs.  My first husband and I would take Dad to Cincinnati Reds games when they played the Chicago Cubs.   His favorite basketball team was the Boston Celtics.  Of course, that was my favorite team too!  He didn't really care much for football, so I grew up not knowing anything about football.  I learned that with my sons.  I now attend the Indianapolis Colts games with my sons.  I think Dad gave me a love of sports.

I really appreciated those years with Dad at home.  I hated to see him suffering with his breathing.  He had Emphysema.  I was miserable to watch him go through the struggles of his health.  He told me that he never wanted me to smoke.  I have never put a cigarette to my lips.  It's ironic the picture I chose to post of Dad today has him smoking.  I wanted a younger picture of him and there wasn't much to chose from.  

My dad grew up in the tobacco fields of his father.  He started smoking at 8 years of age.  He rolled tobacco leaves and smoke them.  I think if he had known what that would have done to his health he probably wouldn't have ever smoked either.

I really miss my dad, even after 38 years.  I just am glad I had so much time with him during the last 10 years of his life.

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