Friday, February 8, 2013

The Family Ambassador - George Eckert Plummer

My Uncle George Plummer

There was a member of my dad's family that everyone seemed to know.  It was funny when I started finding calling up all my cousin's that I hadn't really ever known, they all had the same comment, " We used to go to Uncle George's house."  When I found the second cousin that I didn't even know existed, she remembered going to Uncle George's house when she was young.  My older sister said, "He always seemed like a politician." 

My Uncle George was the fifth child of James and Anna Boughner Plummer.  He was in the middle so maybe that is why he got along with everyone.  George was born in Brookville, Indiana on December 16, 1913.  He moved with his family to Connersville, Indiana when he was in his teens.  He moved next door to a girl named Thelma Diehlman.  

You always hear about the girl next door, well George fell for the girl next door and married her on April 13, 1935.  They had four wonderful daughters, and he spent the rest of his life with Aunt Thelma.  

After their marriage they moved just outside Connersville to the Brownsville area.  That house saw a bunch of activity during those years.  All the family members I talked to remembered visiting there and having so many great times.  My second cousin who lived in Cincinnati talked about how great it was to go to the farm since she grew up in the city.

My grandparents each spent their last days at Uncle George's house.  When they were ill and needed care, he set up a bedroom for them and took care of them until they died.  My grandfather's funeral was held in Uncle George's house.  All the out-of-town family members came and stayed for a few day's for the funeral.  My cousin remembers having 5 or 6 kids sharing a bed because they made room for everyone.  

Sadly, I was young when Uncle George died, so I don't have many memories of him.  I just remember when I saw him he reminded me of my dad.  

After Uncle George died, Aunt Thelma never remarried.  Uncle George died at the age of 52 on September 8, 1966.

Almost all of the family pictures that I have came form my uncle's daughters.  When people visited they took pictures and they have been great to share them with me.  They are getting together more for me.  They had the only pictures of our grandparents.  It's funny that of all our cousins, we were the closest with them growing up, but all the other cousins say the same thing.  

Here is a picture of Uncle George's house.

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