Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation Monday - Bracken County, Kentucky

My genealogical goal is to get to Bracken County, Kentucky.  I wanted to get there last summer and wasn't able to make it.  This summer I will find a way to go.  Bracken sits along the Ohio River southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio.  

My dad's family lived in Bracken for a few generations.  

I have cousin who lives in Cincinnati that talked about the towns of Augusta and Brooksville.  She said, "I always feels at home there where life is so simple."  

Family members to locate there:

  • My grandmother, Anna, was born there.
  • My grandfather, James was born in the bordering county.
  • Several of my aunts and uncles from both sides were born there and some are buried there.
  • My great grandmother and great grandfather Boughner were born there.
  • I believe my great grandparents on the Plummer side were born there or in the bordering county. They were probably buried there too.
  • They are both small towns, maybe I have some cousins still living in the area.  Is it possible to locate some of them? In the 2010 Census there was a population of 1190.
Both families may have had a few more generations from there.

With all this family history located there I have never been to those towns.  I went across the ferry there one time with my parents when I was about 12.

Before I go I will have to compile a list of things to look for to conserve as much time as possilbe.

I also have several family members to research in the Cincinnati, Ohio.

I don't think a day or two will be enough, because I would like to meet my first cousin 1x removed while I am in the area too.

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