Monday, February 18, 2013

Florence Marie Plummer Bravard Greany Taylor - My Dad's Sister

My Aunt Florence was my dad's sister.  I only remember seeing her once, not long before my dad died.  The thing that I most remember about her was that she was old, but she still had dark hair.  She and their sister, Ethel, had come by the house and both of them did not have any gray hair.  My dad was 65 when he died and he had been sick for several years, but his hair was still mostly black.  I was certainly hoping they were going to pass that gene down.  Unfortunately, I think I took that gene from my mom.  I still don't have a lot of gray hair for my age, but it is coming along much more rapidly now.  Thank goodness for hair color!

Aunt Florence was born in Bracken County, Kentucky, before the family headed north into Ohio, and then on into Indiana.  She was born right after the turn of the century, August 24, 1903.  James Plummer and Anna Boughner, her parents moved with her to Ohio by 1906, where their son, Jimmy, was born.  The family then moved to the Brookville, Indiana area between 1908-1910.

Florence finished growing up in the Brookville area were her dad was doing some tobacco farming.  By the 1920 Census, Florence had moved out of the family home.  Chances are she had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.   She had older half-sisters living there.  On March 8 1921, Florence married Charles Henry Bravard in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Dorothy Elaine Bravard, their adopted daughter was born in 1928.  I'm not sure exactly when the adoption occurred, Dorothy was living with them on the 1930 Census.  Charles Bravard and Florence divorced on April 26, 1932.

Florence married Robert G Greany, in Connersville, Indiana, on June 3, 1939.  They had moved back to Cincinnati by 1940.  I believe that she was married to Robert Greany up until his death, but I have not been able to confirm this.  I know she later married Ernest W Taylor.

Florence died in Cincinnati on July 25, 1978.  She is buried at St. Joseph's New Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I haven't been able to get a picture of her gravestone yet.

I haven't got to Cincinnati yet to do family research.  I have quite a few people to look for there.

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