Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - My grandmother Anna Boughner Plummer

I saw this new blog prompt from GeneaBloggers  and it said write about the ancestor that you wish you could have met or write about a day you wish you could have been a part of.  Well, of course this got me to thinking.  So here are my thoughts.  

My first thought was I wish I had met my Grandmother Anna.  She was my dad's mother.  She died eleven years before I was born.  I know my dad thought the world of his mother.  There didn't seem to be lots of conversation about her, of course, he was a man.  The few times he mentioned her though I got the feeling that she was the person he relied on most in life.  I guess that is probably true with most of us.  Our mothers are so important.  

My mother spent time with my grandmother, just taking care of her.  She would sit and talk with her and try to make her fell better.  My mother started attending the Nazarene church with my grandmother.  

Anna started her life in Bracken County, Kentucky.  She moved away from her family home and traveled with her husband to a new place.  They lived around Cincinnati, Ohio for a short period of time.  Then they moved on to Brookville, Indiana, where she raised her children.  She and her husband, James, lived their later years in Connersville.  It wasn't until I started writing this blog that I realized that I had lived in her house for a few years when I was a small child, and that my great-grandmother had died in that house.  My great-grandmother's funeral was even held there.  That house had a lot of character, but it has been torn down.  I went back to find it and only have a picture of an empty lot.

I guess all that I know of my grandmother will be that things that I can dig up know.  Maybe I will get a feeling of knowing her that way.


  1. I wish you luck discovering more about your grandmother! You never know, there might be amazing treasures waiting to be uncovered, so it's a good thing you've started digging!

    1. My plan is to go to the area where she was born and see what I can find this summer. One of my cousins lived with her when he was young. To him she was an angel.