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Anna Catherine Boughner Plummer - A Nazarene Woman

Anna Boughner was born in Falmouth, Kentucky, on April 9, 1978, to William T. and Elizabeth Isabel "Eliza" York.  She was raised in the Pendleton and Bracken County areas of Kentucky, right along the Ohio River.

Grandma reading her Bible

She married at the age of 14, to Charles Franklin Kelch who was 10 years older than her.  She gave birth to her first child, William Kelch, when she was 15.  I don't know how many years they were married, but they divorced.  She married my grandfather, James Plummer, on June 17 1904, in Pendleton County, Kentucky.

The information on  the children's birth certificate and  the census records give me an idea of where they lived over the years.  They lived in the Bracken and Pendleton Counties areas of Kentucky for a while and then by 1907 they were in Cleves, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati..  In 1910 they were living in Metamora, Indiana.  They lived in the Metamora, & Brookville, Indiana until around 1928. In Brookville several relatives were living near them.  Around 1928 they moved to Connersville, Indiana where they lived for the rest of their lives.

My grandmother and grandfather had nine children together.  Their children were Florence, James, Ethel, Charles, Ella, George, Warren, Thelma, and John.

My grandmother died quite a while before I was born.  My siblings who were born before she died were so young that they didn't remember her.  I have talked to a couple of cousins that remembered her so my impressions come from them.

She was a very strong, religious woman.  She always attended church. She carried her Bible with her and spent a lot of time reading it. In Connersville she attended The First Church of the Nazarene.  I have a cousin that told me when he was 5 he stayed with her for a while, up until just before she died.  He remembered that they would go to church and it was a few blocks from their home.  She would walk and he would ride his tricycle and park it outside the church.  He loved going to church with her, and he still attends the Nazarene Church.

As Grandma's health got worse, my mom used to go to her house and sit and rub her feet for her.

My Uncle George's children remember her, but they were young.  Their memories are about her being sick the last few month's of her life and living with them for a few weeks until she went to the hospital and died.
There is an older sister that I haven't gotten to talk to that may remember more.

Grandma Plummer's funeral was held at the Nazarene Church.  My cousin who went to church with her, remembers that his mom held him up to the casket so he could kiss Grandma goodbye.  She died on Jul 26 1943.

She is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery beside her husband who died less than four months before her.

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