Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Plummer Migration - Across the Ohio River and Northward

Life along the Ohio River, that was the story of the Plummer Family for a few generations. My father's parents ancestors both lived around Bracken and Pendleton Counties in Kentucky. Strolling along the river and sitting and fishing a leisurely day away might have been what they did to pass the time. So why did that change with a generation?

I had a older second cousin that lives in Cincinnati tell me that some of them moved due the Great Flood of 1913. Her father told her about homes being destroyed and family members having to move away. This may explain some of the later movement, but my grandparents had already moved across the Ohio River by 1907,

My grandparents had their first child together in Bracken County, but when there second child was born they had already migrated to Ohio. They lived around the Cincinnati area for a few years, then continued northward. in later years some of my aunts and an uncle moved back to the Cincinnati area. There are still cousins in the ares today.

My grandparents traveled north and little west to Brookville, Indiana were they settled for a while. There were several other family members on both sides of the family living in that area. I am sure some came before them, and most likely others followed them. My grandmothers parents traveled up to the Brookville area to settle at some time.

Another group of extended family had made their way to Dearborn County. it lies just a little south of the Brookville area. One of my cousins ended up back in the Dearborn County area to raise her family.

When my grandparents were nearing retirement age they left Brookville to finish their migration. They moved on to the nearby community of Connersville, Indiana where some of their children had settled.

Connersville seems to be the stopping point again. How many generations will live out their lives there. My children and I have moved on, but several family branches still continue to flourish in Connersville, not far from where our grandparents lived.

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