Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meet Clark Gable's Golf Caddy and friend

My dad's cousin, Fred McCracken,  moved to Californa and lived there for several years.  During his time there he developed a friendship with Clark Gable.

I never met Fred, but when he came to Indiana, he would visit with family at my Uncle George's house.  During most of his visits back to family in Indiana he told stories about Clark Gable.  He first met Clark when he worked as his golf caddy.  He and Clark became friends and he spent more time with him.

Fred opened a race track in California and became a very wealthy man.  Fred apparently like to take cruises.   In ship manifests that I have located I found a couple of time where he was listed on the manifest. He returned to the US from Puerto Rico on the Borinquen on November 17, 1938.  He  returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, aboard the Lurline , on September 12, 1941.  He would have been in Honolulu just a couple of months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Fred must have lead a very interesting life.

Here is a picture of Fred in his later years with his wife, Eva.  This was taken at my Uncle George's house.

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