Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obituary Sunday - Finding Relatives Who Have Moved Away

I had been researching my great grandmother, Eliza Boughner Plummer for quite some time when I cam across her obituary.  Everything I had ever encountered on her had her name as Eliza.  That is the name my mother had given me.  I was going through Microfilm files in the Fayette  County Public Library in Connersville, Indiana, when I came across one listed in the name Elizabeth Boughner.  Well that was close, her mother's name was Elizabeth and she went by Betsy.  Was Eliza actually Elizabeth too?

I searched for the obituary and eureka!, I had found her,  it listed her family members.  My grandmother and all her sisters were there.  Then I found something interesting.  I hadn't been able to find out where her brothers had gone.  I had searched Indiana and Kentucky records, even Ohio.  Those are the areas that most of the family members had lived in.  Well, now I knew why I hadn't found them.  They were living in Florida.  As soon as I got this information, I was able to locate them on the Census records in Florida and find their families.  It gave me the one missing link I needed to find loads of information.

I also found that one of her sisters had never married. I found her in the Census in Bracken County up through the 1880 Census and have not located her since.  Because of the information in the Obituary I know she was still living there in March of 1932. I will continue to search for her in Bracken County, Kentucky.  I hope to make the trip to Bracken County this summer.

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