Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Uncle John - Adventurer and Veteran of Two Wars

My Uncle John was an adventurer.  He was hard to track down and most of the family didn't know a whole lot about him.

He was born in Brookville, Indiana on October 26, 1919, to James and Anna Boughner Plummer.  He started out in Brookville, but by the time he was ten years old they had moved to Connersville, Indiana.  John was the youngest of the children, he had seven full siblings and four half-siblings.  

On April 29, 1942, John married Louise J Miller.   He was 22 and she was 21.  They were married in Brookville, Indiana.  John's sister Thelma was the witness for their marriage.

In February 1943 they had twin sons.  John entered the U.S. Navy in December 1942.  He served for a few years.  I know one of his sons does have his military records for World War II, but I haven't been able to study them yet.  

When he came back he got a divorce, and this is when his life gets pretty sketchy.  His sons only saw him a couple of times after that.

He remarried, this time to a Phyllis Irene Miller.  I don't know when they got married, but their first child was born in June of 1947.  They had three children pretty quickly.  

Soon after that he went back into the Navy and went to fight in Korea.  I don't know how much time he spent with his other children, probably not much.  They lived out west in either Oregon or Washington.  

When he died he was living in Los Angeles, California, and I believe one of his children was there.  He was buried in Portland, Oregon.  He died at the age of 56, on September 25, 1976.

My Uncle John is in the center in the picture, I don't know who the other two sailors are.

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