Thursday, February 7, 2013

My great grandmother from Bracken, Kentucky - Elizabeth Isabel York Boughner

My great grandmother Elizabeth "Eliza" York was born around 1949 in Bracken County, Kentucky to John York and Elizabeth "Betsy" Frakes York.  She lived in Bracken County during all her years of growing up.  She had two older half-siblings and five siblings.  She was the mother of my grandmother Anna Boughner Plummer. 

I don't know a lot about her younger years, but I think things may have been rough.  Her father was a farmer and owned real estate in Bracken County.  When she was around eleven years old her father committed suicide, by shooting himself.  A few months later her youngest sibling was born.  Her mother had several children and no husband to support them.  Her mother continued farming with the help of the older children.

When Eliza was around 18 years old she married William T. Boughner.  William was from Bracken County too and they had probably known each other for most of their lives.  Relatives of William lived near Eliza.  William and Eliza were still living together in 1900, but by 1910 they are living separately.  In 1910, Eliza is living with her son, Charles,  in Clermont County, Ohio and William is living with one of his daughters.  Somewhere around 1913 Eliza moved to Brookville where my dad and his parents were living.  A few of her children were in Brookville by this time.  In 1920, she was working as a housekeeper for an elderly lady.  In 1930, my father's family had moved to Connersville and she was living with them.  She was living in the house that I lived in as a small child.  I believe that my dad was close to his grandmother, since she lived near them so much.

She died in my childhood home, the home that my grandparents lived in at the time, on March 7, 1932.   She had broken her hip two month before and was suffering complications.  She was 82 years old.  Her funeral was held at the Nazarene Church in Connersville and she it buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Brookville.


  1. It sounds like her your 2nd Great-Grand Mother had it rough, raising a newborn and several other children alone.

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