Monday, February 4, 2013

Military Monday - My Great Grandfather William T Boughner

I am participating in the blog prompt.  Military Monday from GeneaBloggers.

Let me introduce one of my military ancestors, my great-grandfather William T. Boughner.

My dad's grandpa William T Boughner was born in Bracken County, Kentucky around 1846.  His parents were Peter Bale Boughner and Sarah Ann Linley.  When he was around fourteen or so he lived in Brooksville in Bracken County, Kentucky.  When the Civil War started he was still a youth.  The day came when he was ready to go fight.

He enlisted on September 1 1964, and mustered in on September 21, 1964.  He joined Company K-54th Mounted Kentucky Infantry. He enlisted for one year.  His military records list him as 18 years old. When he entered the regiment they described him as 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with a dark complexion, blue eyes, and black hair.  His occupation was a farmer, which probably means he farmed for his dad or the neighbors.  William apparently didn't like fighting in the war because he went AWOL in March and didn't come back until July.  He mustered out on September 1, 1965 in Lousiville, Indiana.

The 54th Kentucky Infantry operated against guerillas in Henry County, Kentucky until December 1864. They moved into southwest Virginia in December and stayed most of the month there.  They returned to Kentucky and handled provost duty around Lexington and fought any guerillas in the area until September 1865.

I will tell the rest of his story in another post.  He had a short-lived military career.

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