Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creating Stories of Me for My Family History

I got a comment on my other blog My Mother's Family History that has had me thinking. My comment was from Karen. I had posted questioning how to cover the stories of living members of the family while they are still alive and can still tell me stories. She made a comment "While your at it , don't forget to write your own story too."

As I was writing the first couple of posts on this blog introducing you to my Dad I traveled back through time. This year will make 38 years since my daddy died. As I wrote about him and memories came flooding back, I wiped away tears. I still miss my dad.

Now after I read back through those posts I realized, I am writing my story. I am putting me into these stories. I may not be writing all the details of my life, but I am putting my feelings there. I think someday when I am gone, my children, grandchildren, and the future generations will be able to see who I am by reading this silly little blog.

Here is a picture of my dad and my two youngest brothers.  I haven't been able to find any pictures of me and dad.  Dad died when I was twenty and Mom had a fire that destroyed most of the pictures.

Well I started out trying to write my ancestor's stories for my family, and I see now I am reaching out to others and connecting, and writing my story while I'm at it. Wow!

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