Monday, April 1, 2013

Family history - April Fool's Day

I don't know anyone who enjoyed April Fools Day more than my dad, Charles Plummer. He was the one person who could get me on it time after time.  I would always think, he is going to try to get me, so watch out for him.  It didn't help!  I could be prepared for anything and he would still get me.  He just could do it with such a seriousness and never crack a smile until after he said April Fools.  Then he would have a good chuckle over getting me once again.  He usually pulled something on me several times throughout the day.

April is also my dad's birthday month.  This year on April 26, he would be 103.  Of course he died at the age of 65, so he really ever got the opportunity to become an old man.  My dad died 38 years ago when I was just 20 so I didn't get that many opportunities to spend April fools Day with him, but every year when this day rolls around I chuckle about how much dad liked being a trickster and how much I enjoyed it.  Such a little thing, only one day a year out of those years but they will linger with me forever ( at least until I get senile).

I don't remember ever catching dad on any of my tricks,  not for lack of trying.  It's funny I don't really do much of that any more.  I guess maybe it just isn't as much fun when you don't have something who really enjoys it to interact with.  I played tricks on my kids when they were young, but I wasn't that good at it so they usually just said, " ha, ha! April Fools!"

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