Monday, March 4, 2013

Mystery Monday - Who is Benjamin Plummer?

My great grandfather is O.D. (Osborn D) Plummer listed on the 1850 Census.  I am trying to determine who Benjamin is.  O.D. is only 27, Benjamin is listed as 80.  I believe he is O.D's father.  I haven't been able to verify this in any way.  With the age difference, he could be a grandfather.  I think I can track Benjamin, but how is he related to O.D?  Any suggestions? 


  1. Betty,

    Trying following Benjamin in the tax lists, especially the years immediately before and after the years that Osborn turns 21.

    I have been able to find the suspected father with the child listed right below him and paying the taxes on the same day.

    Sometimes it will even list them as "son of" person in the tax lists.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the information. I haven't gotten to go to the area where they came form. I am hoping to get there this summer. I haven't really looked at tax records yet. I need to do some research before I go there.