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Fearless Females - First Day

Fearless Females - Daily Prompt 1

In honor of National Women's History Month, I will be following the blogging prompts from The Accidental Genealogist blog.  She has a list of blogging prompts for each day.  I just found out about this today and after a month of writing The Family History Writing Challenge for My Mother's Family History, I thought I was ready for a break.  She says you don't have to feel pressured to do every one, you can pick and chose.  The prompts are interesting and I need to post something so I thought Why Not!  So here goes for Day 1.

March 1 — Do you have a favorite female ancestor? One you are drawn to or want to learn more about? Write down some key facts you have already learned or what you would like to learn and outline your goals and potential sources you plan to check.

Elizabeth (Eliza) Isabel York Boughner was my great-grandmother.  She was born in Bracken County, Kentucky, around 1849.  She grew up in BrackenCounty.  Her father committed suicide in December of 1860 by shooting himself.
Eliza was around eleven years old.  Can you imagine that?  Is it possible she found his body!  

She married William Boughner on January 15, 1867.  They lived in Kentucky until sometime after 1880.  I have not been able to find them in the 1900 Census.  Without having the 1890 Census that gives me a 30 year gap that I can't track.
On the 1910 Census it showed Eliza as giving birth to eleven children, with seven children living.  I have found the seven children, but do not know anything about the other four.  She lived with her son Charles.  She is reported as single.  William lived with their daughter.  Her son, Charles, died in 1913.  

In 1920 she lived in Brookville, Indiana.  She lived a couple of houses down from my Grandmother.  She was 69 years old and worked as a housekeeper for a 76 year old lady named Mabale Lyons.  It reported her as married.  William was still alive and lived with a niece.

In 1930 Eliza lived with my grandparents in Connersville, Indiana. She was listed as a widow.  I know William had died by then, so if they were still married she would be a widow.

Eliza died March 7, 1932, in the house that I lived in as a small child.  

There are so many things I would like to know about Eliza.  I need to find the 1870 and the 1900 Census reports.  I am not sure where to look for a divorce record or if one exists.  I feel like they stayed married and just lived apart.  I also need to find a birth record and I would love to find birth records of her children.

I am planning a trip to Bracken County, Kentucky, this summer.  I don't know if I will find any records.  My cousin told me that the records had been lost in a fire.  I will at least be able to get a feel for the place she spent a good deal of her life and get pictures of the area.

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